Quick Calm & Movement Meditations
Andrea Marcellus

Quick Calm & Movement Meditations

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Searching for ways to relieve anxiety and the strain of uncertainty, but not so great at meditation?

Need a mental break from your mountain of to-do's but feel too short on time to take some time for yourself?

Give yourself the gift of classes that deliver in-the-moment stress relief, shift your mental focus toward a positive perspective, and revitalize both your mind and body.

Practiced regularly, these mind-affirming techniques will also help train your brain and body from over-responding to stress in the first place.

How much more enjoyment could you experience in your life with chronic stress out of your way?

  • MOVEMENT MEDITATIONS: These clever classes connect simple movements to specifically guided breathing to immediately clear your mind, slow your heart rate, and relieve anxiety. 

  • BODY/MIND BALANCE: Balance postures create instant focus, and when done mindfully, immediately move your brain from your fear and anxiety center to the areas of the brain responsible for creativity, problem-solving and positive possibility.